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Brand Radiator is a team of gallant and fearless design technologists, providing strategic solution made with our fingers on the pulse of market trends and the competitive landscape. While our technological world evolves and changes dynamically, the yardstick of 'quality work' and 'people first' remains constant for us.

Our Founder

Our Founder incepted this company, Brand Radiator recognizing that the small cities are home to entrepreneurs too. While coming to building start-up ecosystem, people always move towards metros and cosmopolitan cities. They miss the fact that actual India breaths in B & C category states/cities and to empower India through technology and digitally it is important to work in such locations where there is dearth of technologies. The founder shares that there is lack of good IT & marketing companies in tier 2 and tier 3 states/towns with very little understanding about the importance of this versatile sector. Therefore, the desired benefits and impact on business or people is not visible. The founder of Brand Radiator has taken a step forward; knowing the challenges, to revolutionize IT and marketing in Bihar and every such state and making people aware of technology and marketing/branding as well as support realizing the dream of Digital India also help in generating employment so that talents of the state do not go out in search of job. He initiative is to help reserve the brand drain too from the state


Himani Mishra
(MD & CEO)
Himani Mishra
(MD & CEO)
An impactful and adaptive female entrepreneur yet grounded & focused, Himani was born in Patna, did her B.Tech from IIIT Kolkata, a qualified GreenBelt Six Sigma from Motorola University, Singapore. She is enriched with 14+ years of experience in IT & Telecom companies. She is a working mother ardent about her family and professional life, balancing both equally, who marches ahead with a firm go-getter drive. Himani is passionate about analytics and numbers, a globetrotter and a food paramour.
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Our Salient Features!

20+ Globally Accredited Awards

A pool of Talented Workforce

4 Regional Business Offices

Almost 40% of controlled Brain Drain

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