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Although traditional advertising campaigns are inevitable, but the users’ interest is shifting as per the technology and digital development that has increased the outreach of small and medium businesses along with government departments. On one side where the traditional advertising campaigns require heavy investment to reach the customers, on the other side digital advertising is accessible to all types and sizes of business. The ever-prospering demand for internet, availability of gadgets such as smartphones and the latest technologies, across various channels, has left a positive impact on online service usage. At present, the conventional form of advertising stands has been either amalgamated or transformed by the emergence of digital technologies.
Brand Radiator is one of the best Branding, IT and Digital Marketing Companies in India. According to our experts, to make the most successful advertising campaigns you don’t require a huge investment. Our Ads Management Services can bring you, new customers on-board in a short span.

We help you build a brand that generates higher outreach and larger business in a moderate investment. We are the pioneers in planning a personalised advertising strategy for your brand and executing that strategy at regular intervals. Our marketing goals for our clients are based on the success rates of our previous clients.
We work on the following rules:


What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click which is a tool of internet marketing. PPC allows the advertisers to pay a certain amount of money every time one of their ads is clicked. Ideally, it's a way of buying visits to your site, rather than putting efforts to receive those visits organically. Search Engine Advertising is considered to be one of the most familiar forms of Pay per Click (PPC). Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all three have made it seem very easy for users to get started; you just have to provide a small Ad, input some keywords and provide your payment credentials and you are ready.

Setting up a PPC campaign is not enough. Most users end up feeling irritated trying to handle such ads whenever they are surfing on the internet. One of the very common reasons is that users do not have ample time as well as patience to dedicate to managing and optimising their Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. Secondly, there are certain requirements to manage a PPC campaign accurately. Pay per Click (PPC)) demands a high-level focus on the dynamics of online advertising that purely comes from experience.

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