Public Relations

Faster growth in business begins with the leader in Public Relations.

Public Relation is more confined to media relations. In today’s constantly developing and impulsive market demographics, you need an extraordinary agency that can go beyond regulars to attain success against all odds.

Our media relations experts dynamically reach out to ensure the placement of your brand story in popular media houses and publications. Our Public Relation representatives proactively take charge to serve and respond to all the real-time queries that these publications may have for your business and ensure that the expectations are met even at odd hours. To keep the media updated about your brand, our team of content and editorial experts prepares all the necessary documents in a media kit that is updated with the content of all nature about your business. This media kit includes information about your brand, your representatives, press releases about specific events and product launches and other necessary details. Our PR Agency aims to develop a positive brand value through consistent media relation management and strategized public relations exercises. For a sustainable brand value, we make sure that you receive the right audience.

Brand Radiator is determined to deliver qualitative media outreach and positive trust-building initiatives on behalf of our clients and their business to attain the desired visibility and publicity. PR is one of the core service areas of our agency. A Public Relations officer works as a third party between your brand and the public. Our PR representative helps in bridging the communication gap between your brand and your buyer.

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